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String of Pearls - Thames festival, London 2000

Afghanistan  - Konst Scenario, Stockholm 2003

Bush Loves - Kägelbanen, Stockholm 2005

Free Will - Teater Scenario, Stockholm 2005

Outing - Konst Scenario, Stockholm 2007

Outing - Pride Park, Stockholm, 2008

Boxed in, Boxed Out - Konst Scenario, Stockholm 2009

Summerholiday - ID:I galleri, Stockholm, 2017

I look at my life and wonder if I survived - Das Esszimmer, Bonn, 2018

Behind the Door - Space52, Athens, 2019

We are your friends - ID:I galleri, Stockholm, 2019

Last Words - ID:I galleri, Stockholm, 2020

The Tunnel That Was - ID:I galleri, Stockholm, 2021

wotsrong - Platforms Project, Athens, Greece, 2021

Coming from a audio-visual background Tim Claxton’s work often focuses on the dark beauty of the dirty, the derelict and the spoiled.


Feelings of absence, of memory and of former lives often pervade. A sense of threat! Traces of people and society are extant but rarely take centre stage. More, it is what is left, in abstract forms, which shapes an atmosphere - a feeling.


Below is the short video, “I look at my life and wonder if I survived”, created from material filmed in research trips to former Soviet States. This work specifically was filmed at a former Soviet forced-labour camp. It is a companion piece to a longer film currently in production.

I look at my life and wonder if I survived

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